What is SPC?

Stone polymer composition is the general known term for this new advanced flooring. Created with exceptional strength and durability in mind. Offers waterproof features and comes in with the click system for ease of installation and removal when needed. We are the only company in the world to use Cool Cure technology which gives out 80% less heat and is 50% more stronger than any other SPC on the market.

The cost of virgin stone is 100$ cubic ton, Cost of polymer is 1000$ a ton. Polymer is VOC free and gives complete safety from chemicals. Also as a binding agent it is the strongest material to be used with virgin stone. Please be aware of low polymer content from any other company as they competitively price their product lower, however they use more virgin stone than polymer in their ratios which takes away the strength aspect.

We have a variety of surface designs to suit all types of internal flooring. We have the wood effect, the stone effect and also the herringbone effect. We can install on any even surface and the majority of our installations have been straight onto concrete or ceramic tiled flooring. All our SPC flooring comes with 5 years warranty up to 20 years product guarantee and this signifies our confidence in the technical abilities of this material.

The science bit “ Limestone fused with polymer and calcium carbonate for added stability and rigidity with advanced locking systems that prevent surface spills from seeping into the body of the core”.

We have three variants in our flooring. All prices are reflective of the raw ingredients.

  1. Richmond Classic Range - 50% Stone, 47% Polymer & 3% Cool Cure.

  2. Richmond Trade Range - 60% Stone, 37% Polymer & 3% Cool Cure.

  3. Kingston Range - 70% Stone, 27% Polymer & 3% Cool Cure.

Quality always matters.